Published: September 2023, Issue: Vol. 35/No.8, Download as PDF

Archive of articles published in the Current Issue issue.

CRA Update: NSF Selects CRA to Manage CSGrad4US Program That Will Award Over 220 3-Year Fellowships

By Matt Hazenbush, Director of Communications    CRA has received its largest-ever award, $42.1 million, from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand its role in the NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program (CSGrad4US).  Launched by NSF in 2021, CSGrad4US aims to boost the number and diversity of domestic graduate students […]

New CRA Report Addresses Growing Integrity Concerns in Computing Research

By Alex Aiken and Nancy M. Amato, co-chairs of the CRA Working Group on Research Integrity It is difficult to overstate the importance to computing research of integrity—the observation of formal rules and norms about what is acceptable in the preparation, submission, and peer review of research publications. Our computing research community relies on the […]

CRA’s Inaugural Leadership Academy

By the CRA Leadership Academy Program Committee CRA held its inaugural CRA Leadership Academy to inform and cultivate future leaders in computing and computing research in Chicago May 22-23, 2023. There were 36 attendees from institutions across the United States and Canada. All attendees were recently promoted to full professors or likely to be promoted […]

CRA’s CV Database Is Now Accepting Applications from Graduating PhD Students

By Samir Khuller, CRA Board Member, and Janine Myszka, CRA Program Associate    CRA’s CV Database is now accepting materials from graduating PhD students for the 2023-2024 recruitment season!  Please encourage PhD students who are set to graduate this academic year to post their credentials to the CRA CV Database. Graduating students are encouraged to […]

How Smartphones and Watches are Revolutionizing Global Health

By Maddy Hunter, Program Associate, CCC Previous CCC Council Member Shwetak Patel’s research was recently featured in a ZME Science article “Can we screen the world? How smartphones and watches are revolutionizing global health (and just getting started)”. A new frontier of personalized medicine has arrived with the help of smart technologies such as smartphones […]

Need Evaluation for Your Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Project?

By Ama Nyame-Mensah, Senior Research Associate, CERP Are you a new or existing REU Principal Investigator? Do you need to fulfill your REU Site evaluation requirement? Sign up to participate in the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (CERP) Comparative Evaluation of Undergraduate Research Opportunities on Student Interest in Research Careers in […]


2024 Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers Award: Nominations Open September 12

By Julia Sepulveda Avalos, Program Associate, CRA-E   Each year, CRA celebrates and recognizes undergraduates who demonstrate outstanding potential in an area of computing research through the Undergraduate Research Awards (URA). We encourage faculty to nominate undergraduate researchers who demonstrate strong interest in and commitment to contributing to the field. Award recipients will receive financial […]