The Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates Application is Now Open!

Are you an undergraduate student from an underrepresented group interested in forming a team to explore research in computer science at your college or university?

Or are you a faculty member interested in being a research mentor to computer science students at your college or university?

Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates (CREU) might be the program for you!

CREU is an undergraduate research program that provides research stipends to teams of students working on research projects under the guidance of a mentor at their home institutions. Students supported by CREU collaborate with each other and with their mentors during the academic year and, in some cases, the following summer. Students are strongly encouraged to present their CREU research at national or regional conferences. The program provides travel funds to support such participation and past CREU participants have found such activities to be extremely valuable.


Each research team needs to have qualifying undergraduate students and sponsoring faculty members. In the case of multidisciplinary projects, the team must include a mentor and student(s) from the computing field, but may additionally include faculty and students from the non-computing field. For instance, a project in computational biology might consist of a computer science major, biology major, computer science professor, and biology professor.


All mentors and students must submit their own personal information through the Mentor Application | Student Application links.

* In order for CREU teams to apply, each student and mentor need to apply separately.

Application Opens: April 18.
Application Deadline:
 May 18.



The Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates Application is Now Open!