CRA’s CV Database Initiative: Accepting Applications

As a first step to address recent recruiting challenges in the computing research community, the Computing Research Association (CRA) launched the CV Database initiative in Fall 2018. This initiative provides a database of candidates for academic and industrial/government laboratory research positions. It is searchable by most CRA member institutions.

CRA has reviewed usage data from the first year application cycle and made adjustments to improve the user experience and process. For example, to reduce the data entry load on applicants, the following adjustments have been made: (a) an application is considered complete when it contains a CV and a statement, (b) endorsement by the candidate’s advisor/endorser is no longer required, and (c) Masters institution information has been omitted.

The CV Database is now open for the 2021-22 recruiting season. It can be accessed through Candidates are able to upload their resumes, research and teaching statements, job objectives and other preferences, and a link to a short presentation video. Recruiters will be able to search this information and are encouraged to contact candidates.