This article is published in the August 2017 issue.

Lori Pollock Named CRA Education Committee Co-Chair

CRA-E Co-chairs

From left to right: Susanne Hambrusch, Ran Libeskind-Hadas, and Lori Pollock.

At the CRA Education (CRA-E) Committee meeting in June, Lori Pollock (University of Delaware) stepped up to replace Ran Libeskind-Hadas (Harvey Mudd College) as CRA-E co-chair. She will join current co-chair Susanne Hambrusch (Purdue University), and Libeskind-Hadas will remain a member of the CRA-E committee. During his six years as co-chair from 2011-2017, CRA-E has taken on several new initiatives including:

Reflecting on his tenure as co-chair, Libeskind-Hadas said, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed co-chairing CRA-E for the past six years. The committee’s mission of sustaining a healthy pipeline of students pursuing careers in computing research is critically important. It’s been a pleasure working with co-chair Susanne Hambrusch, the dedicated members of this committee, and the outstanding CRA staff. I’m excited that Lori Pollock is co-chairing the committee with Susanne, and I look forward to working with them and the rest of my CRA-E colleagues.”

CRA-E also recently launched its own Facebook page. In addition to following CRA-E on Facebook, you can also to subscribe to the CRA-E newsletter for the latest news and information.


CRA-E Committee

CRA-E Committee at its June meeting.