This article is published in the January 2018 issue.

CRA Taulbee Survey Update

Salary Survey

The salary report is available for academic units that completed the salary section of the survey. Taulbee users in responding academic units can download the report from within the CRA Taulbee system at Early access to this report is a benefit of responding to the survey; if you believe you should have access and do not, email The salary results will be publicly reported in the full Taulbee report in the May 2018 CRN.

Main Survey

The deadline for the main Taulbee Survey, collecting student and faculty data, has been extended to January 16 for all academic units. Individual short extensions are possible if it will help your ability to complete the survey; email to request an extension. The value of the Taulbee Survey comes from its traditionally high response rate. Please complete the survey if possible.

Teaching Position Survey

The one-time teaching position survey is collecting information about academic unit policies and practices concerning full time teaching faculty who are not on the traditional tenure track. The due date is January 22. Results from this survey will be made public later this year.

We appreciate the time and effort that goes into survey responses, and thank all the participating departments.


CRA Taulbee Survey Update