This article is published in the August 2021 issue.

CCC / Code 8.7 Applying AI in the Fight Against Modern Slavery Workshop Report Released

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC), along with Code 8.7, is pleased to announce the release of the CCC / Code 8.7 Applying AI in the Fight Against Modern Slavery Workshop Report. This March 2020 workshop brought together over 50 members of the computing research community along with anti-slavery practitioners and survivors to lay out a research roadmap aimed at applying AI to the fight against human trafficking. 

The primary goal was to explore ways in which long-range research in artificial intelligence (AI) could be applied to the fight against human trafficking. Building on the kickoff Code 8.7 conference held at the headquarters of the United Nations in February 2019, the focus for this workshop was to link the ambitious goals outlined in the A 20-Year Community Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence Research in the US (AI Roadmap) to challenges vital in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal Target 8.7, the elimination of modern slavery.

In the time since the workshop took place, the world was slammed by a global pandemic. Social unrest also rocked a number of countries, including the US. The resulting report reflects discussions at the March 2020 workshop with an awareness of the events of the past year. 

See the full report here.