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Archive of articles published in the August 2021, Vol. 33/No. 7 issue.

2021 CIFellows2021 CIFellows

Announcing the 2021 Computing Innovation Fellows

This past spring, the Computing Research Association (CRA) and its Computing Community Consortium (CCC) announced funding for a cohort of Computing Innovation Fellows  (CIFellows) for 2021, with strong support from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The program sponsors two-year postdoctoral research positions in computing, as well as career development and cohort building activities, to provide a career-enhancing bridge experience for recent Ph.D. graduates. The program aims to address the continued disruption in hiring practices at academic institutions due to COVID-19.


CRA Launches Opportunity Board to Assist with Postdoc and Mentor Matching

The CRA is excited to announce the launch of an Opportunity Board to enable recent new PhD graduates and members of the community that are looking for postdocs to connect. This is a continuation of the Opportunity Board used to match potential postdocs and mentors during the CIFellows 2021 process. The board allows for the posting of postdoc opportunities by potential mentors and posts by those looking for a postdoc opportunity. We encourage members of the community to use this as a resource.


Upcoming CRA-Industry Roundtable Events

CRA-Industry was created recently with the goal of reaching out to industry partners involved in computing research and giving them new opportunities to convene and connect on topics of mutual interest with academic and government partners.  The CRA-Industry committee recognizes the diversity of companies that participate in the computing research ecosystem and seeks to enable all those companies, big and small, tech and non-tech, to get the greatest benefit from partnerships with academia and government agencies. Recently, the CRA-Industry Committee kicked off a series of bimonthly 75-minute virtual Roundtable meetings, with the first one on Corporate Responsibility and Computing Research held in July 2021.  These Roundtable meetings are planned to be held on a bimonthly cadence, and the next two are planned for September and November.

Image with a trend line overlayed on a silhouette of three people.Image with a trend line overlayed on a silhouette of three people.

Computing Professionals in Industry and Academia View a Career in Computing Differently

Professionals in academia believe more strongly than professionals in industry that a career in computing allow them to serve humanity and have influence on society. On the other hand, professionals in industry believe more strongly than those in academia that a career in computing allow them to spend a lot of time with family.