This article is published in the November 2023 issue.

CRA Accepting Applications for Director of Research Community Initiatives

By Maddy Hunter, Program Associate, CCC

The Computing Research Association (CRA) is seeking high-achieving applicants for the position of Director of Research Community Initiatives

This role is responsible for managing the internal Computing Community Consortium (CCC) staff and working closely with the CCC Council of 24 computing community members in their pursuit of high-impact research through visioning workshops, white papers, and symposiums. 

“If you’re a member of the computing research community and are looking for an opportunity that’ll have a significant positive impact, this may be the role for you,” said Tracy Camp, Executive Director and CEO of CRA. “Through convening and collaborating, this position is at the center of articulating and advancing visions for the future of our field.” 

A Key Position in the Community

The Director of Research Community Initiatives, which is a full-time position, serves as the internal lead of the CCC and works closely with its members to ensure fulfillment of its mission to enable the pursuit of innovative, high-impact computing research that aligns with pressing national and global challenges. 

The ideal candidate has experience facilitating programs and interacting with representatives from various branches of the Federal Government, understands the computing research ecosystem, particularly working with the National Science Foundation (NSF), is comfortable working with academic and industrial researchers, and has an interest in policy.

“Success in this role hinges on robust collaboration,” stated Dan Lopresti, CCC chair, CRA board member, and professor of computer science and engineering at Lehigh University. “The person in this position needs to be able to engage with researchers of all levels to guide us toward fulfilling our goal of broadening CCC’s engagement across the full computing research community.”

This role is designed for a highly motivated and innovative person who will maintain comprehensive control of multiple projects and activities simultaneously and reliably push those to completion, can work independently and with significant autonomy, and can work collaboratively with staff and community members. 

“At any given time, the person in this role will be juggling several big projects, on top of managing an internal staff and a council of two dozen volunteers,” said Nadya Bliss, executive director of the Global Security Initiative at Arizona State University and CCC vice chair. “It’s a big job, and if you’re someone motivated by having an impact and working at the forefront of our field, it’s hard to imagine a more exciting opportunity.” 

Opportunity to Build on the CCC’s Past Successes

This position is available as the long-time director, Ann Schwartz, embarks on an exciting new opportunity at The White House, where she will be the inaugural Program Manager for the Pilot Office of the National Strategic Computing Reserve (NSCR).

In her time with the CCC, Dr. Schwartz led several impactful initiatives with the computing research community, including the development of the AI Roadmap, publishing Quadrennial Papers intended to highlight key research areas and needs for the new administration, and launching the CIFellows program.

Liz Bradley, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado and a former council member and chair, is presently serving as interim director.

Apply by November 20th, 2023 

Please help CRA find the best possible candidates for the position by sharing the opportunity widely within the community. To be considered for the Director of Research Community Initiatives position, please apply by November 20th, 2023.