Published: November 2013,  Issue: Vol. 25/No.10, Download as PDF

Archive of articles published in the November 2013, Vol. 25/No.10 issue.

CRA-Education Launches New Website

The Education Committee of the Computing Research Association (CRA-E) has launched its website: CRA-E’s mission is to address society’s need for a continuous supply of talented and well-educated computing researchers by providing resources to inform, assist, and guide the computing community.

College graduates talk about why they weren’t involved in more activities while earning their B.S. in computing

We asked 161 college graduates who had earned a B.S. in computing to think about activities they wished they had participated in during their undergraduate career, but had not. Then, we asked “what prevented you from participating in those activities?” As seen from the graphic above, the most prominent hindrance to participating in activities was Time. This finding highlights the time-constraining nature of the undergraduate experience, particularly among computing students.

CODE.ORG Pursues Action on Getting Computer Science into Schools

Startup non-profit is working to make inroads into one of the most gaping holes in education. Out of all students taking advanced math and science courses at the K-12 level, only two percent are studying computer science, despite the fact that over half of all STEM jobs are in computing. founders, tech entrepreneurs Ali and Hadi Partovi, saw something wrong with this picture. The organization’s first project, a short film on the importance of learning computer programming, went viral. Now, is advancing with long-term policy and education initiatives to bring computer science to all K-12 schools — and a campaign this December to get 10 million students to try it out.

2014 Microsoft Research Awards from the Software Engineering Innovation Foundation

Microsoft Research Connections Computer Science—in conjunction with the Research in Software Engineering Group, the Sensing and Energy Research Group, and Global Foundation Services—is pleased to invite applications for Microsoft Research Awards from the Software Engineering Innovation Foundation for 2014 (SEIF 2014). SEIF 2014 follows four successful years of SEIF Awards involving 32 successful principal investigators.