This article is published in the October 2018 issue.

Participants in the CCC Early Career Researcher Symposium Met Potential Collaborators for Future Research

CERP infographic

In August, the CRA Computing Community Consortium (CCC) held the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Symposium, a capstone event for the CI Fellows program. Former CI Fellows, past and current postdocs, and early-career researchers in academia and industry were invited to join the CCC for a two-day workshop providing career advice, tips for getting involved in science policy, and discussions around emergent research visions.

Because the CCC’s mission is to help drive innovation in the field, which includes connecting researchers with each other for future collaborations, participants were provided several opportunities at the symposium to network with peers and senior leaders in the field from academia, industry, and government. To understand if participants took advantage of those opportunities, CERP distributed an online survey to participants immediately following the conclusion of the event.

Of the 73 researchers who attended the symposium, 58 participants completed CERP’s survey (79 percent response rate). On a scale from (1) Not at all to (5) Very much, participants indicated the degree to which they gained potential collaborators for future work at the symposium. As displayed in the figure, nearly all participants believed they gained potential collaborators at least a little during the symposium.

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