Published: September 2019, Issue: Vol. 31/No.8, Download as PDF

Archive of articles published in the September 2019, Vol. 31/No.8 issue.


Nominations Open for 2020 CRA Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers

The Computing Research Association (CRA) is pleased to announce the annual CRA Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers, which recognizes undergraduate students in North American colleges and universities who show outstanding research potential in an area of computing research. The award is a wonderful way to recognize your best student researchers and your department.  

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Sociotechnical Interventions for Health Disparity Reduction Workshop Report Released

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) recently released the Research Opportunities in Sociotechnical Interventions for Health Disparity Reduction workshop report. The CCC’s 1.5 day Sociotechnical Interventions for Health Disparity Reduction workshop took place in April 2018 in New Orleans, co-located with the Society for Behavioral Medicine’s 39th Annual Meeting.


Expanding the Pipeline: Supporting Computer Science Growth Through Community

Teaching is hard — and teaching computer science can be even harder. With the growing need for computer science teachers in the classroom and an increased focus on access to computer science education, the role of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is more important than ever. With the mission of supporting K–12 teachers in the field, CSTA provides educators with the professional development events and community they need to improve their craft.

CRA’s CV Database Initiative Turns One

As a first step to address recent recruiting challenges in the computing research community, the Computing Research Association (CRA) launched the CV Database initiative in Fall 2018. This initiative provides a database of candidates for academic and industrial/government laboratory research positions. Recruiting continues to be one of the top computing research community challenges. Thus, CRA plans to strengthen the CV Database initiative and take additional actions in 2019-20. The CRA has reviewed usage data from the first year application cycle and made adjustments to improve the user experience and process. The CV Database will re-open for the 2019-20 recruiting season in mid-September 2019. In mid-October 2019, recruiter access to the CV Database will be made available to all CRA academic members. Additionally, industrial and government laboratory CRA member institutions that sponsor Grad Cohort 2020 at the silver level and above will receive access.

CRA Taulbee Survey Announcement

The 2019 CRA Taulbee Survey will be starting soon. As has been our recent practice, the survey will be split into two parts, salary and main (everything else). The Taulbee Survey is open to all academic units that grant doctorates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information. If you have any questions, contact Betsy Bizot at

Taulbee Schedule

  • By September 10: All doctoral departments will be contacted to update Taulbee user information. The academic unit head will receive an email and so will the Taulbee primary contact, if separate.
  • September 13: Pdf will be available for data gathering.
  • September 18: Both Salary and Main surveys open for input
  • December 1: Due date for salary section.
  • Late December: Preliminary salary report available to participants.
  • January 17, 2020: Due date for the main Taulbee section.
  • April 2020: Full Taulbee report to CRA members and participating departments.
  • May 2020: Published in CRN.