CSGrad4US Fellowship Applications Open in Early Summer 2023


With layoffs and the uncertainty of hiring in the tech sector, the Computing Research Association has a unique opportunity to take advantage of! 

The National Science Foundation’s Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (CSGrad4US Fellowship) and the associated CRA CSGrad4US Mentoring Program help tech professionals make the switch from industry to research and graduate school. The mentoring program provides guidance, mentoring, and coaching through the PhD application and decision-making  process. After acceptance and enrollment into a PhD program in a Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) field, the 3-year CSGrad4US Fellowship provides a $34K stipend per year as well as provides tuition and fees directly to the institution where the fellow enrolls as they work towards a PhD in a CISE discipline department in the U.S.  

*CSGrad4US Fellowship applicants must (i) be United States citizens, United States nationals, or permanent residents of the United States by the application deadline AND (ii) have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in a CISE discipline or otherwise demonstrated CISE core competency before June 30, 2021; (iii) have never enrolled in and have no pending application for a doctoral degree-granting program in a CISE discipline; (iv) not be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program;


For more information about what qualifies as a CISE discipline, see: https://www.nsf.gov/funding/programs.jsp?org=CISE and https://cra.org/csgrad4us/#Guidance


For Fall 2024 PhD admissions, CSGrad4US Fellowship applications open in Early Summer 2023. Please complete this form to be notified when fellowship applications open: https://forms.gle/fBuiVQQW64ThPDHL6


For more information about the program: https://cra.org/csgrad4us/


Please re-post to anyone who you think might be interested in this opportunity.